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Cats Stop Pooping in Flower Bed

How to Make Cats Stop Pooping in Flower Beds and Gardens

How to Make Cats Stop Pooping in Flower Beds and Gardens

Beautiful flower beds are one of the highlights of summer. However, that can become diminished when you can’t make neighborhood cats stop pooping in your flower beds and garden areas. People used to use moth balls to deter the behavior, but that is not only toxic, it is actually illegal. However, it remains a problem for many people. We have no control over stray cats or even neighborhood cats that are allowed to wander where they may. This article will highlight some safe alternatives to making cats stop pooping in flower beds and gardens.
o 1 Go natural. Liberally sprinkle the area with citrus peels, cinnamon and fresh coffee grounds. Citrus essential oils like orange or lemon work well too. Cats do not like those things and will avoid the area. This method is effective, but does need to be done every couple of days, especially if it rains. The decaying additives can also add some nutrients to your soil.
o 2 Pungent protection. Spread several garlic cloves around the area where you do not want cats pooping. They do not like the scent of garlic and will generally not use the area as a litter box. You can also spray the flower beds or garden area with vinegar to keep the cats out. This too would need to be repeated if it should rain or at least once a week to keep it fresh. Placing some fresh pine cones on the ground around the area may also help as a deterrent.
o 3 Consider commercial options. Commercial cat repellents are always an option and are available from most pet stores and online sources. These are effective to make cats stop pooping in your garden, but often contain chemicals which we would rather not have in close proximity to the vegetables we intend to eat. Be sure to read the label carefully to ensure it is safe for use around consumable vegetation.
o 4 Soak them down. Obviously, cats do not like getting wet. If the cats in your area are a considerable nuisance, you could install motion sensor sprinklers in your gardens and flower beds. These will turn on every time an offender triggers the sensor, dowsing the cat. While it may be an effective means of making a cat stop pooping in your gardens, it could also raise your water bill significantly. However, the added water to your vegetable gardens and flower beds is always nice.

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